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David with Paul Allaire, CEO and Chairman of Xerox Corporation
in his office at Corporate HQ in Stamford, CT in 1996.

About AgentSiteBuilder.com

AgentSiteBuilder.com was started in 1998 by David Zandri.

To understand the start of AgentSiteBuilder, you must understand David’s journey through the Xerox Agent Channel. When David graduated from college, he immediately put on a suit and went to Xerox Corporate HQ to interview for a job. At HQ, they told him, at that time, they were not hiring recent graduates and suggested that he start out with a Xerox Local Sales Agent. So, David interviewed with a local Connecticut Sales Agent. He was given a territory near New Haven CT and soon started training. First, David went to Xerox Document University in Leesburg, VA. Many of the long time Agents have fond memories of XDU! When he returned, David was very fortunate to be mentored by Phil Reilly, a Legend at Xerox Corporate. As it turns out, David loved the Agent Channel and was happy to put a lot of work into his new territory. His territory had been neglected for a few years and a lot was needed to regain the trust of the customers there. (sound familiar?) As time went on and David’s experience grew, he sold more and more products – often placing in the top for sales in his region. David was basically running the New Haven Office while his Agent Owner was miles away in another office which was geared more towards his non-Xerox core business. One day, while traveling on a sales call with another Xerox Legend, Ray Mulvihill, David found out there was a Xerox Agency available in Massachusetts. Since that was somewhat nearby, the next day, David got in the car with his Dad and made the road trip to Springfield, MA – home of the Basketball Hall of Fame. Well, he decided to make the move and soon interviewed at Xerox Corporate to be the new Xerox Agent Owner in Western Massachusetts. After jumping through a few hoops, the “powers that be” at “Mother Xerox” approved and it was soon official!


David purchased a building in downtown Springfield – 155 State Street. The building needed a lot of work. Recently, a car had run a red light and had driven right through the front! Well, luckily, David’s father was retired from a career in construction. He left his wife in Naples, FL and slept on a pull out couch at David’s apartment for 6 months in cold Massachusetts while the building was completely gutted and renovated. As the building was being reborn, David was working out of a temporary space and was hiring new sales reps and also working with tele-web to help sell into the 3 counties he covered.

David's Agency in Springfield, MA
Showroom and Sales Office

Fast Forward – In 1998, David’s Xerox Agency was really rolling along. He decided that they needed a new website, So, David worked with an in-house graphic designer (supposed to be selling color gear!) to develop a new website. After countless hours, it was completed. The new website received rave reviews from other agents and from Xerox Corporate as well. Thinking it was crazy for other dealers to have to re-invent the wheel, David then worked with a software company to build an online platform so he could share this with other agents in the US and Canada. It was slow at first as the internet was still new to most business people. David believed it would take off and kept on it. For the next 2 years, David worked with about 50 Agents to help them create a new web presence for their business. Things took off in January of 2000 when David was invited to showcase the new platform at the Xerox National Agent Conference in New Orleans. It was a big hit but quite honestly some dealers asked him why they needed a website. Imagine that?! Now, about 20 years later, an owner of a pizza shop wouldn’t say that – a Xerox Agent would never say such a thing. Agents know that they are selling technology and their clients expect them to be embracing technology themselves. A full-featured website is a must have for any office products dealer. A “one-pager” or even a “ten-pager” simply won’t cut it. For example, if your website does not have the full product catalog and you direct your viewers to the manufacturer’s website, you are sending them to the dealer locator and to your competition!

Over the years, several companies have tried to copy what we do and market it to agents as well. Well, you’ve heard the saying. “Often Imitated, Never Duplicated”. We have seen that first hand to be true as many of these “copy cat”  companies have quickly come and gone while others are not even relevant and just can’t keep up. Our new platform is light years away from others out there.

David’s background brings unique value to your business – actual experience in the office products industry and the knowledge from assisting dealers with their digital marketing for over 20 years.

Since we specialize in your industry, you don’t have to tell us what a meter read is – we know! We have assisted hundreds of office product dealers in the US and Canada. From small rural agent/dealers, to new start-ups, to well-established 150+ employee organizations, AgentSiteBuilder.com has a solution to meet your Agency’s unique needs!

Chances are, we may have crossed paths before – perhaps when we were a Platinum Sponsor of the Itex Imaging and Technology Show, at the Xerox National Conference in New Orleans, Texas, Orlando or Las Vegas. Please stop by and say hello when you see us at the next dealer or industry event.

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