Agent/Dealer Websites to View

These are just a few sites for you to get some ideas. We know that every Agent and Agent/Dealer is unique. Many sell different product lines and are in very different territories. Some may be in a large city or metro area while others are in very rural and spread out area. We manage websites for 1 person Agents working from a home office or out of a small space and for other dealers with 100 employees with offices in multiple states.

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  • Greg and Lisa Tigges have owned and operated Document Solutions of Springfield for over 25 years.
  • Everyone at Document Solutions is very involved in their local community. They decided to showcase some of their work online. When a local church recently landed on their website, they were impressed. They had an immediate connection with Greg and Document Solutions before even meeting him. When they finally did meet, it was when Greg went out to train them on their new Xerox MFP!
  • A current customer was browsing their site and really liked what they learned about XMPie. They asked for a demo and were further impressed. The information was passed around their organization and it resulted in new sales!
  • Document Solutions was a finalist for the BBB Torch Award for Ethics. WOW – Congratulations! The team at Document Solutions often link potential clients to this page on their site. New clients immediately are at ease dealing with Document Solutions of Springfield and more often than not, soon become another happy Document Solutions/Xerox customer!
  • Mark VanDenHoek has owned The Office Advantage for 26 years.
  • They also have another business (Hard Drive Central) and have a link over to that other company’s website.
  • The Office Advantage recently was honored with BEI’s Diamond Level Service Award. (Congratulations!) They have a nice home slide showcasing this achievement with a link to a page with more information.
  • Check out their “about” tab. They are very involved in the community, involved with local chambers and have a very nice “meet our team” page. Viewers may get to your site via Google or the Xerox “where to buy” locator and not know about you. It’s important that you let them know who you are so they know they are making a smart choice by contacting you!
  • Going Green is important. Did you know about the partnership between Xerox and PrintReleaf? As they say, “You print one. We plant one.” They are planting trees right in their native South Dakota at the Oglala Lakota Native American Reservation.
  • Claudio Urena and Anthony Garcia have owned TEC Document Solutions in NYC for 25 years.
  • In the competitive market of New York City, TEC keeps growing their business by being true experts on the Xerox products that they sell. They also excel when it comes to customer service. That’s what keeps their clients happy, keeps them coming back and helps to gain them referrals.
  • They extend this customer service to their website. TEC customers can visit their “customer center” to place a service call, enter a meter read, order supplies, download Xerox drivers, request training, etc. etc. They love their customer center portal and their customers love it too!
  • It’s important for TEC to have all of the products “on their website” so they do not have to link potential clients to Think about it. If you send potential clients there, they can hit “where to buy” and they are soon looking at a list of Xerox Agents, Xerox Dealers, competitive dealers and even Global Imaging Dealers! Keep your viewers on your site! Look at their “products and solutions” tab. has been working with Agents for 20+ years. We bring so much content and functionality to your site. Others try (kind of) but don’t come anywhere close!

Thank you for checking out our new website!

We will be adding a few more samples shortly. We like to have samples of different types of Xerox Agencies here.

Small and large Agents, Agents who just sell Xerox and others that may sell Mailing Equipment, 3-D Printers, Shredders, Digital Displays or Office Furniture.

Please stay tuned or simply call us to ask about more live websites that you can see that are closer to the needs or your Agency!

We have been doing this for 20+ years so it’s safe to say, we have probably completed a website with similar needs to yours!